Snack Judgment Podcast

013: Baking! ft. Julianna Duholke

January 6, 2019

This week, I'm joined by my magnificent friend Julianna! We talk about President's Choice white cheddar mac and cheese (if you know, you know) and holiday meals, and then we delve into the world of baking. 

We talk about baking as meditation in this, the darkest timeline; the beauty of sharing baked goods and which ones to bring to a party; the joy of teaching friends to bake; which ingredients you should always double; how to bake without spending all your money; why all brownies should have icing and none should have nuts; the origin and life of her 10-year-old baking binder; and Julianna's extremely true but brave and controversial opinion: that everyone can bake.

Here's Jules's guest post on my food blog, where you can find more of her baking tips!

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