Snack Judgment Podcast

016: Pizza! ft. Charlie Scarlett-Smith and Bradley Sherman

February 11, 2019

This week, I'm joined by TWO guests- my fantastic friends Charlie and Brad! Together, I call them The Pizza Bois. We hear about their comfort foods and recent food loves and then move onto the main event: PIZZA. 

We discuss NY style versus whole-pie Neapolitan, Charlie and Brad's adventures in making pizza, their Pizza Boi origin stories, our personal pizza-eating techniques, their misadventures in eating pizza in Fernie, British Columbia (including an abomination called Taco Pizza), their ideal topping configurations, how Canada is sort of a pizza desert thanks to the dairy lobby (but that the decidedly meh by-the-slice offerings still have a place in our hearts), and then- *a special feature!*- we get to hear some of the footage that these pizza bois recorded on their phones on their five-borough pizza tour of New York City.

Also, here's a link to the pizza-making video that Brad mentioned:

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