Snack Judgment Podcast

018: Cereal! ft. Lily Jabbour

March 10, 2019

This week, my friend Lily joins me to talk about cereal! We talk about her comfort food (and the magic of Giovanni Rana), and a recent amazing meal, and then we jump into a big bowl of mini wheats.

We discuss Lily’s cereal journey (including a two-year-long cold turkey period), why she eats cereal dry or with yogurt but never with milk, cereal in Italy vs Canada vs the US, Frosties (the Italian name for Frosted Flakes), the joy and pitfalls of emotionally eating cereal straight from the box, our shared hatred for all forms of hot cereal, the magic of cereal aisles, the fact that good granola is aristocratically expensive to buy, and one of Lily’s favourite cereals: the delicious but horribly-named Fitness cereal from Italy.

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