Snack Judgment Podcast

015: Sauce! ft. Aaron Manzali

January 28, 2019

This week my guest is my husband, Aaron! We briefly talk about his comfort foods and recent special food experiences, and then we dive deep into a big vat of SAUCE.

We talk about Aaron’s ideal hot dog toppings setup, the origin of his undying love of all sauces under the sun, why he can’t do food on the go, his opinion and rating of *many* different sauces (but especially mayo), which sauces are socially acceptable to eat with a spoon, his absurd but effective fry-dipping method, which sauces would make it onto a hypothetical sauce utility belt, whether or not a mcflurry is a sauce, and whether or not maybe Aaron just doesn’t like chewing.

As always, there's some cooking tips and meal ideas sprinkled throughout.

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